More Cuteness

I just can’t help myself. This is so adorable.

And this is definitely a real fear.


Career & Continent Change

It’s been a while and things have altered: drastically in some ways and not that much in others.

First of all, i received a job offer to work for the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) in Bonn, Germany. I took it.

Not only did this take me on an adventure across the pond in a new country with a language i do not speak, but it also started me off on a different career path. A slight rather large change from Legal Librarianship to Records Management. What then, am i referring to that hasn’t changed in my life apart from continents, careers & languages? How about the fact that completely different places of employment can often emit similar atmospheres.

For example: There are just as many politics; stupid people; smart people; happy people; funny people; grumpy people; great bosses; mediocre bosses and downright awful bosses in one place as there are in another, regardless of geographical location.

Okay, not exactly groundbreaking news, however, it’s surprising how much of a comfort all this is when one finds themselves in a new place all alone.

that’s all for now…more to come.

My new found love.

le sigh

Like all new love, the more i click, the more my heart swoons.

And i constantly wonder how i made it through the day without it before. And why, if anyone knew about this before they didn’t tell me?

This one in particular is adorable…and this one….and this one, cus i’ve felt this way….and this one is apropos….

And the crowning victory? or maybe the nail in the coffin, you decide.

SEE? i can’t stop, i’m in love. le sigh.

This = That; This = That?

On the one hand we have this article, making its rounds in library and facebook circles toting the ‘coolness’ of being a librarian (and as one friend pointed out, the article didn’t even refer to us as ‘information professionals’, so really, how hip are we?)

Then, on the other hand we have this. I would call this proof of the above, but perhaps others would call it fodder?!

Falling in love

I haven’t deciphered whether i fell in love with the country itself, or whether i fell in love with the idea of learning and traveling but not having to write a paper about it.

Slovenia was spectacular. Whether it was visiting a public library, the National Library, a theological library, the University libraries, the National Geographic library, or a vineyard, a castle in a cave, rafting on river Kolpa, or just chilling with an alcoholic beverage and good company, the trip had so much to offer I can’t even document it in its entirety.

All i can say is: if you can do it, DO IT. Sign up next year, follow this website.

Here are some pictures to tease you a bit

Theological Librarydscf3239.jpgdscf3244.jpg

From Lake BohijnPtujdscf3093.jpg

Lake Bohijn

Ms. LibrarianInBlack directed me to this which i pass on for those of you who appreciate sleekgeek stuff.

Be Careful out There

This is an interesting article (by Mathew Ingram (June 16, 2007)) outlining the different sanctions Canadian bloggers may and are facing compared to our US counterparts.

Of particular interest:

University of Ottawa law professor Michael Geist says Canadian bloggers need to be aware that by effectively becoming publishers, they are subject to the laws on defamation and libel.

Geist says he is also concerned that suits are increasingly being filed not just because of what a blogger says in a post, but because of what is said in comments by visitors to blogs.

While third parties are protected from such suits in the United States by the Communications Decency Act, Canada has no such protection, he says, and that raises “a significant threat of ‘libel chill.'”

Thank you to slaw.ca and Connie Crosby for posting this.