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Ms. LibrarianInBlack directed me to this which i pass on for those of you who appreciate sleekgeek stuff.


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Be Careful out There

This is an interesting article (by Mathew Ingram (June 16, 2007)) outlining the different sanctions Canadian bloggers may and are facing compared to our US counterparts.

Of particular interest:

University of Ottawa law professor Michael Geist says Canadian bloggers need to be aware that by effectively becoming publishers, they are subject to the laws on defamation and libel.

Geist says he is also concerned that suits are increasingly being filed not just because of what a blogger says in a post, but because of what is said in comments by visitors to blogs.

While third parties are protected from such suits in the United States by the Communications Decency Act, Canada has no such protection, he says, and that raises “a significant threat of ‘libel chill.'”

Thank you to slaw.ca and Connie Crosby for posting this.

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No, this title is not an oxymoron. I am, in fact, off on what i hope will be a fabulous vacation-come-learning-experience.

I am off to beautiful Ljubljana, Slovenia for a 2 week stint of all things library and Europe related. Check out the program here.

Fingers crossed no connection, baggage, security or other issues will arise and that it will be nothing but sun & fun.

Will report back as soon as i can…stay tuned.

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