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More Cuteness

I just can’t help myself. This is so adorable.

And this is definitely a real fear.


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My new found love.

le sigh

Like all new love, the more i click, the more my heart swoons.

And i constantly wonder how i made it through the day without it before. And why, if anyone knew about this before they didn’t tell me?

This one in particular is adorable…and this one….and this one, cus i’ve felt this way….and this one is apropos….

And the crowning victory? or maybe the nail in the coffin, you decide.

SEE? i can’t stop, i’m in love. le sigh.

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On the one hand we have this article, making its rounds in library and facebook circles toting the ‘coolness’ of being a librarian (and as one friend pointed out, the article didn’t even refer to us as ‘information professionals’, so really, how hip are we?)

Then, on the other hand we have this. I would call this proof of the above, but perhaps others would call it fodder?!

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3 girls chatting, taking photos of each other, having fun.

Enter stage right: Creepy Lurking Male with beer in hand. Nevermind the fact he’s bald, nevermind the fact he’s short, nevermind the fact he’s old. The lurking and hovering cover the creep factor.

3 girls visibly stiffen when Creeping, Lurking Male inches forward into circle of femaledom.
3 girls continue to blatantly ignore Creepy, Lurking Male.

“Cheers” says Creepy Lurky Male.
3 girls stop and stare at one another, each determining which of us was gonna be the sucker stuck with him.
Exit stage left: one quick footed female.
and then there were 2…

Female: “So…what do you do?” feigning interest.
CLM: “I’m a land surveyor.”
Female: slightly puzzled, she asks for clarification, “You mean for tax purposes? Assessing properties?”
CLM: *laughs creepy laugh* “Actually, no, i’m the guy who takes pictures of roads and puts markings on the road for reconstruction, etc. blah blah blah boring boring boring….So, what do you do?”
Female: “I’m a librarian!” *note the enthusiasm*
CLM: turns to other female and strikes up conversation with her.

SWEET – if only i’d known it would have rid me of him earlier, i woulda screamed it at him.

Lesson Learned: obviously not the best pick up line, in fact, clearly the opposite. Duly noted.

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