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It’s been a while and things have altered: drastically in some ways and not that much in others.

First of all, i received a job offer to work for the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) in Bonn, Germany. I took it.

Not only did this take me on an adventure across the pond in a new country with a language i do not speak, but it also started me off on a different career path. A slight rather large change from Legal Librarianship to Records Management. What then, am i referring to that hasn’t changed in my life apart from continents, careers & languages? How about the fact that completely different places of employment can often emit similar atmospheres.

For example: There are just as many politics; stupid people; smart people; happy people; funny people; grumpy people; great bosses; mediocre bosses and downright awful bosses in one place as there are in another, regardless of geographical location.

Okay, not exactly groundbreaking news, however, it’s surprising how much of a comfort all this is when one finds themselves in a new place all alone.

that’s all for now…more to come.


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